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Thank you for your interest in joining

The Candybox Revue!


We are a fun, happy, positive group who love to perform and create the best shows possible! However we all have strong business backgrounds, and run our ensemble like a machine! If we didn't, we would never be able to do what we do as well as we do it!


Internships with us are for a trial period of 6 months. At the end of 6 months, all interns are invited to become a part of the Candybox Revue for a probationary period of another 6 months as a core performer. After that time, interns may be offered a place in our core membership. If they are not invited into core membership, they can be put on our Preferred Performers LIst.


Benefits of Internship:

  • Discounted class series & performance track at The Atlanta School of Burlesque

  • Work-study Program in all aspects of production and performance

  • Mentorship with seasoned performers

  • Group number participation

  • Ability to workshop and and get feedback on all solo numbers

  • Discounted rehearsal space

  • Paid travel out of town (when applicable)

  • Fun group activities such as sleep overs, pot-lucks, brunch, outings, and planned activities!


Responsibilities of Interns:

It is the responsibility of all interns to represent the Candybox Revue at all times. As a probationary member, you will need to prioritize CBR productions, meetings, and rehearsal schedules. Your hours will be non-paid and voluntary (except tips) during this time.


Mandatory Responsibilites:

  • Take classes at the Atlanta School of Burlesque (deep discounts offered).

  • New/unseasoned performers will be required to take Performance Track at a discount.

  • Participate as a team member on at least one committee with each production we do - MSR (50%), Corporate (50%), CBR Stage Show (100%).

  • You MUST HAVE a positive social media presence free of negative/malicious posts and vaguebooking.

  • Same requirements of the Core Membership guidelines within the troupe.

  • ABA membership required at the end of the probationary period.


If you are an established performer:

You must still go through the application process. Two (2) core members must vouch for you, then you will be admitted within the 6 month trial period. PLEASE NOTE: vouching is done internally, and there is no need to seek out or contact performers within the troupe to vouch for you. You must be voted in unanimously to receive expedited entry. 

After that time, you may be offered a place in our core membership. If you are not invited into core membership, or if we are not for you, you can be put on our Preferred Performers LIst.




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