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Kay Rosé

Kay Rose burlesque performer


Kay Rosé is an Atlanta based burlesque performer, visual artist, and musician. 


Her burlesque journey began when she started taking classes with The Atlanta School of Burlesque in 2020. She attended academy classes and got her feet wet by performing in student recitals. 


Kay performed with the Candbox Review as a musical act playing the cello between dance numbers at the Dogwood festival in 2021. She created her first solo burlesque choreographies and had her first solo performances in 2022. 


Kay is also a member of the Atlanta based psychedelic dark rock band Dysfunctionals who is looking for opportunities to include burlesque in live performances.


Kay is very comfortable on stage as she has been performing for musical audiences for fifteen years. Kay has also been featured on television, magazines, and multiple albums. 


Kay has the ability to be fun and silly as much as she smolders with intense sexual energy and sensuality on stage.

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