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Tucker Aye Alxndr

TUCKER AYE ALXNDR burlesque performer

Intern, Performer

This king is a Georgia-born, Alabama-raised, and Atlanta-grown. They have been a lifelong performer. From marching band, theater, dance, stand-up, even their middle school's mascot, and now drag and burlesque entertainer. He started in drag in Auburn, Alabama in 2016 at a drag camp. However, he wouldn't put back on his sparkle shows until 2019, when he decided to really pick back up his passion for entertaining. From there, he rocketed onward and went on to produce one of Alabama’s first all-king shows, serve as vice president in Auburn's pride organization, and achieved several drag titles (The first Mr. Birmingham Rising Star, Mr. East Alabama Newcomer/ROYGBIV, Mr. Mystic Krewe of Caritas, Mr. Pride On The Plains, and currently Mx. Mugcheck 2023. He is a mix of Carlton banks and Bruno Mars, with his campy sauve charm - and known for giving some splits, tricks, and performances that will make you chuckle. He is from the House of ALXNDR and Atlanta's favorite black, Asian, trans masc drag king. Tucker AYE ALXNDR!

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