We are excited and eager to work with anyone! Here are our guidelines an excerpt from our official code of conduct. We require anyone joining our mainstage shows to submit video and attend our dress rehearsal prior to show.


The Candybox Revue prides itself on its professionalism and smooth-running shows. We have high standards for performances and for our friends! Here is a portion of what we all have agreed upon within our company, and we hope you will as well!



  1. BE ON TIME. 

    1. If you need to adjust your call time, you are required to get approval from the Stage Manager (SM) 24 hours prior to the show. This ensures that anyone who has planned to utilize you can plan accordingly.

    2. We have yet to find a venue where getting ready backstage is conducive to a smooth backstage experience. Please show up to all events as show ready as possible unless you arrange things with the on duty SM.

  2. All communication/questions/inquiries regarding show information should be directed to the SM/ASM once you are at call time. 

    1. If the SM is busy running tech, all questions should be addressed directly to the ASM.

  3. No friends or significant others backstage after call time. No exceptions.

  4. Clear beverages backstage only.

  5. No smoking, eating, or drinking (other than clear, colorless liquids) in CBR owned costumes.

  6. Be able to perform - No drinking to excess or use of drugs or prescription drugs when you are performing or performing any duties in any production that will inhibit your ability to do your job - even in the productions of others. You must always be able to do your job and represent the troupe.

  7. No outside alcohol unless approved by the Technical Production Manager/Stage Manager.

  8. Keep your stuff contained and be courteous of the available space backstage:

    1. Don’t put your stuff on other people’s stuff.

    2. Reorganize and minimize your space once you’re ready.

    3. Train cases should be stored on a shelf or under makeup area unless in use.

  9. If you take the last of something out of the “Oh Shit Kit”, replace it if possible or let someone know. Please fill out a sticky note, with a date and your name should you take the last of an item.

  10. Be quiet backstage during show.

  11. No trash talking.

    1. Including other performers, troupes, festivals, etc...ESPECIALLY AT FESTIVALS OR IN OUTSIDE PRODUCTIONS.

    2. This includes body talk / shaming of yourself or others backstage. 

  12. Be on deck during the act before yours. If you start offstage, please let the ASM know when are on  your way to get set.