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Golden Mystique

Atlanta Burlesque's Golden Mystique poses for a photo


This Queen from Queens, NYC has performed in the snow white state of Vermont since 2017! New to Atlanta, Golden Mystique is here to demand your attention and your praise. She has branched out of the Green Mountains and has shown what dat ass can do down the East Coast and up the West Coast. You may have caught the mystifying Ms. Mystique at Chocolate Lounge in D.C in 2019 or as the opening act of What the Funk?! An All BIPOC Burlesque Festival in 2021. She’s been whipping her local scene into shape through the creation and the call for artistic space for BIPOC performers and producers. Her most recent production,  Life in Sepia, is a testament to her ability of adjusting the crowns of other Black Femmes. Golden Mystique’s soul is always golden, her tits usually are too, and she’s here to destroy white supremacy with, or without you!

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