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The Candybox Revue creates an environment to explore the ways burlesque touches the spirit - and to look beyond. We are in residence at Atlanta's burlesque & cabaret house, Metropolitan Studios, and have a history as a performing burlesque troupe that goes back to 2015.

If you are looking to expand your performing arts circle of peers, we're a terrific way to engage. Beyond performing and rehearsing together, we have social events both at our Atlanta venue and outside of it.

It is our commitment to creativity and the creative process that opens opportunities to grow as artists and as a group in Atlanta burlesque and beyond. Troupe members create burlesque shows and experiences that are entirely unique and meaningful to them. Our members also learn Candybox repertoire burlesque and vaudeville numbers. For group repertoire numbers we follow a similar approach and support members through regular discussions, rehearsals, costuming, and conduct peer reviews.

We are not accepting new members until 2025. If you'd like to be considered for a guest spot in a Candybox Revue event or show, please submit your information at the Become a Guest link below!

Backstage / Show Etiquette

The Candybox Revue prides itself on its professionalism and smooth-running shows. We have high standards for performances, members, and guests. Below are some of our Backstage/Show Etiquette guidelines. Please also review our Code of Conduct to learn more about how we operate as an ensemble burlesque troupe.

1. Be on time. 

​If you need to adjust your call time, you are required to get approval from the Stage Manager (SM) 24-hours prior to the show. This ensures that anyone who has planned to utilize you can plan accordingly. Please show up to all events as show-ready as possible unless you arrange things with the on-duty SM.

2. All communication/ questions/ inquiries regarding show information should be directed to the SM/ASM once you are at call time.

​If the SM is busy running tech, all questions should be addressed directly to the ASM.

3. No friends or significant others backstage after call time. No exceptions.

4. Clear beverages backstage only.

5. No smoking, eating, or drinking (other than clear, colorless liquids) in CBR-owned costumes.

6. Be able to perform

Drinking, use of drugs, or prescription drugs to excess when you are performing or performing any production duties is strictly prohibited - even in the productions of others. You must always be able to do your job and represent the troupe.

7. No outside alcohol unless approved by the Producer and/or Stage Manager.

8. Keep your stuff contained and be courteous of the available space backstage.

  • Don’t put your stuff on other people’s stuff.

  • Reorganize/minimize your footprint once you’re ready.

  • Train cases should be stored on a shelf or under makeup area unless in use.

9. If you take the last of something out of the “Oh Shit Kit”, notify SM.

10. Be quiet backstage during show.

11. No trash talking.

Including other performers, troupes, festivals, etc. ESPECIALLY AT FESTIVALS OR IN OUTSIDE PRODUCTIONS.

  • This includes body talk/shaming of yourself or others backstage. 

12. Be on deck during the act before yours. If you start offstage, please let the ASM know when are on your way to get set.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI Statement

The Candybox Revue is committed to building and actively sponsoring diversity, equity and inclusion throughout all opportunities and activities for all members and show guests.


We wholeheartedly and without reservation embrace and affirm the individual and unique differences in everyone we work with, sponsor and encounter.


This means we have a core value and unwavering policy that we do not discriminate or treat anyone differently due to age, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, language, religion or socio-economic status.


We strive to foster an inclusive, enriching and rewarding environment, where all participants can thrive, can be their authentic selves, and can achieve their own definition of joy and success.

Cultural Appropriation

In our ongoing work to make our burlesque shows a diverse and inclusive environment, one of the areas we focus on as a troupe are the harmful effects of cultural appropriation.

To understand and avoid cultural appropriation, we put awareness and education at the forefront. Inspiration can be derived from many different sources. That said, performers or numbers adopting or incorporating elements of a minority culture may be disrespecting their original meaning, reinforcing stereotypes, and perpetuating the oppression of this minority.


Below are 5 questions that can help you avoid cultural appropriation:

  1. To what ethnic/racial/cultural group does the practice or artifact belong?

  2. How is the group that the practice or artifact belongs to oppressed?

  3. Do you benefit from doing this? How?

  4. Why might it make someone uncomfortable?

  5. What makes it possible for you to engage with this practice, tradition, or material?


Addressing cultural appropriation is ongoing work. The most effective tool for addressing cultural appropriation is increasing awareness and supportively educating one another so that harmful appropriation is avoided altogether.

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