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Who We Are

The Candybox Revue is an award-winning Atlanta burlesque ensemble and dance troupe full of sparkling burlesque glamour, musical theatre, and Las Vegas-style Bump & Grind. Burlesque is a vital, vibrant, and powerful art. It is theatrical, political, funny, entertaining, and family-friendly when needed. We are part of the #IAmBurlesque International Movement, which showcases burlesque performers of all body types, abilities, ethnicities and races, identities, and experiences as proud individuals and entertainers.


The Candybox Revue's mission is to provide quality entertainment, showcase artistic and individual diversity, support heartfelt causes in and around our community, and consistently raise the bar for Burlesque and variety entertainment production while challenging social norms and showcasing inclusivity and representation through the artform of burlesque and to foster a spirit of community and togetherness.

Best Atlanta burlesque troupe The Candybox Revue performing on stage. Dancers are using chairs as props and maying back in the chairs with their legs in the air.

Candybox Revue Burlesque History

The Troupe was founded by Ursula Undress in 2015 and has since produced an average of 35 shows annually. We were named Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta for Dance Performance in 2016, tying with The Atlanta Ballet. We were honored with the Reader's Choice Best Burlesque Troupe from Creative Loafing in 2019.


We have performed in burlesque shows and burlesque festivals nationwide, including The Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Fest, The Smokey Mountain Burlesque Festival, The Nashville Burlesque Festival, The New Orleans Nerdlesque Festival, and The Show Me Burlesque Festival.

Atlanta Burlesque Troupe The Candybox Revue. A dancer is using a feather fan as a prop. She is wearing a pink dress with rhinestones and floral flourishes.

Burlesque Troupe Life

Being in an ensemble means your thinking focuses on a whole-show mentality and on a common goal: to present the best production possible. To help that thinking along, we create an experience where all Candybox members and guest performers collaborate as part of the process. Everyone has a voice in everything we do.


This means we connect to be closer and trust one another in ways that exceed solo performance. It creates a feeling that people are integral to the production and troupe - because they are.

Audience Etiquette and Rules of Consent

  • Be punctual! "Doors" means that’s when the venue opens. "Show" means that’s when the burlesque show starts.

  • No photos or recordings! Never take photos, audio recordings, or videos without explicit permission!

  • Tip! Throw cash at Candybox Revue burlesque performers, tip virtually, or tuck it in our tip jar.

  • Appreciate the burlesque performers! Clap, cheer, and whistle to show you appreciate them! Do not make lewd commentary, body talk, trash talk, make demands, or disruptions. Hecklers and harassers will be removed from the burlesque show.

  • Respect performers, crew, and other guests. Use people's correct pronouns, turn off your phones, and be mindful of the burlesque performers and audience. Whisper if you must talk.

  • Consent is mandatory! Only “yes” means “yes.” “No” is a complete sentence. You can withdraw consent at any time. Reaffirm consent at every interaction. It takes a sober mind to make consent valid.

  • Do not touch burlesque performers unless invited to. If you do not want to be touched or engaged with by a performer during the show, simply hold up the palm of your hand!

  • Whether before, at intermission, or after the show, be respectful!


What to Expect at a Candybox Revue Burlesque Show

You've probably seen or at least heard of the Burlesque movie with Cher and Christina Aguilera. Now you want to see a burlesque show in Atlanta, right?

From classic burlesque shows and neo-classic burlesque, from fan dances and fringe to modern dance and jazz dance, expect the unexpected at our shows! Campy comedy, parody, burlesque storytelling, laughter, political and social commentary, and absolutely expect to have fun. We pride ourselves on putting polished, rehearsed productions on stage and glitzy sparkling pasties abound in our shows, as do feather fans, fringe, and skin! And queer is the norm!

Our main stage shows typically have a narrative and messages incorporated into them and within the acts.  Everything we put on stage undergoes peer reviews and many hours of rehearsal time to help ensure we're putting high-quality burlesque entertainment in front of audiences. Audiences can trust that our events and performances are founded in empowerment and authenticity.

Our only improv burlesque show at this time is You Sing, We Strip Burlesque Karaoke™.

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