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Margot Moon

Atlanta burlesque's Margot Moon of The Candybox Revue posts for a photo


Margot was destined to bewitch the masses while shaking her assets. She made a dramatic debut in this world - waiting until the witching hour and born along the iced-over river banks of West Virginia. She continued to spend most of her life in the hills of central Appalachia, dancing barefoot in the dirt and cultivating her raw brand of sensuality.


She now lives in Atlanta, where she spends time spreading her love, lore, and legs on the stage. Lucky y’all!


Margot is very close with Atlanta’s award-winning burlesque troupe, the CandyBox Revue and they welcomed her as a member in 2018. She has performed at some incredible events, including the DragonCon Burlesque Glamour Geek Revue and the Fatlanta Burlesque Festival. Margot hopes to continue collaborating with other artists and performing for audiences everywhere, making all the sexy, fun - and maybe even a little scary - content for your viewing pleasure.

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