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Platinum Pussycat

Atlanta burlesque's Platinum Pussycat of The Candybox Revue posts for a photo


Platinum Pussycat sashayed her way into a burlesque career much the way she does everything, by accident.


Looking for a new fitness challenge she stumbled into the Atlanta School of Burlesque in 2021 and never left. No seriously she’s in the lobby right now, someone please come get her.


A fan of the silly, the sexy and everything in between, becoming an intern for the Candybox Revue in 2022 is Platinum’s dream come true. Performing with the troupe she’s gotten to wriggle and writhe through sexy shows and spooky dances as well as use performance as social commentary to address America’s obsession with diet culture. 


Atlanta’s joyful wrecking ball is here to amuse and seduce you all- Platinum Pussycat.

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