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Bodacious Burlesque Supports the Atlanta Fringe Festival

Presenting Atlanta Burlesque Show Prep: A Week in the Life.

Every year, The Atlanta Fringe Festival kicks off with their annual variety benefit show, Five/5ths, where they split a beloved classic film into five parts, give them to very different performance groups to do whatever they want with, and then in one night, stage the weirdest, coolest, most unexpected re-telling of all time!

This edition of The Candybox Chronicles, follows a week of rehearsals and our burlesque performance in this year’s production: The Five/5ths of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, held at 7 Stages in Atlanta! We joined the cast of some of the best fellow nonsense makers @blackaf_comedy, @tipsytalesshow, @mrbeaubrown, and @twinhead_theatre, making the night unforgettable!

Candybox had the third section of the film - 35:30-54:00 - essentially the historical-figures-collecting montage when the time booth gets damaged and repaired, and we see what Napoleon is up to in 1989 San Dimas! 

Under Director Greta Von Danse's tutelage and seriousness about nonsense, cast members Margot Moon, Talloolah Love, Bonnie Bodacious, Clementine Grinds, Delilah Delights, Zara Estelle, Platinum Pussycat, Mount Saint Helen, and Mona Lata began scripting and planning. Behind-the-scenes support babes included Minnie Mercury, Roula Roulette, and VaVa Vroom.

Pre-Show Shenanigans
  • The week kicked-off with Clementine asking Greta for black Velcro to fix her executioner robes.

  • There's confusion about who has props like ice cream scoops and fake candles.

  • Talks about costume changes, including a wig for Freud and a display scarf for Joan of Arc's entrance.

  • A dress rehearsal is bumped up an hour, leading to scrambling to ensure everyone has time to get ready.

  • Greta asks if someone has a square of Velcro for her cloak.

  • Margot mixed music and sound and incorporated a lot of custom sound design to help tell the story.

  • Speaking of Margot, this was her first performance in 9 months!!

Performance Day
  • Platinum informs everyone she needs to leave right after the performance due to a work commitment. :(

  • Greta seeks help transporting large boards (the phone booth) to the theater.

  • There's a question about call time and when doors open to the audience. Bonnie clarifies that doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm.

  • Clem’s first time wearing assels and realizes she can’t sit down once she puts them on.

  • Day of show, Greta DM’d Margot: “Don’t forget the Twinkie!”. Margot replied with a selfie of her with a giant stuffed Twinkie prop she made that morning.

  • Several Candybox members got pre-show coffees next door at Java Lords - juuuust to make sure those pre-show jitters were locked in.

Post-Show Festivities
Four actors pose together.
L to R: Bill, Bill, Ted, and Ted
  • Greta posts a message after the show thanking everyone and mentioning she has someone's sunglasses and fake candles.

  • The cast showers each other with excitement and discusses the highlights of the show.

  • People swap stories about costume mix-ups and near misses.

  • Margot shares group photos of all the Bills and Teds.

  • Talloolah shares audience photos from the performance and Greta shares behind-the-scenes photos.

  • Several members celebrated a great performance by getting drinks next door to 7 stages at Java Lords 

The fantastic lineup and a truly bodacious audience made it a most triumphant show. If you missed out on this epic Bill and Ted adventure, well, you missed out! But there’s always next year!



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