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The Candybox Chronicles Burlesque Blog!

A picture of a typewriter. To the left of it are the words "The Candybox Chronicles" and "The Candybox Revue". There is a sheet of paper in the typewriter that says:  Theatrical-style ensemble burlesque troupe redefining burlesque entertainment by challenging society’s perspective on what is worthy of being represented onstage and in the performing arts.

Featuring some of your favorite confections, welcome to The Candybox Revue’s official blog: The Candybox Chronicles, where we take you behind the scenes of burlesque, revealing a little of our burlesque troupe life! Everything that glitters isn’t gold—but it may be rhinestones! Take a seat and satisfy your sweet tooth with us!

Image of three dancers in a stage performance. They are laying on their backs on chairs with their legs straight up in the air.

First, who are we? We are an award-winning Atlanta burlesque ensemble and dance troupe full of sparkling burlesque glamour, musical theatre, and Las Vegas-style Bump & Grind! Our mission goes beyond providing quality entertainment and raising the bar for burlesque and variety entertainment production.

We believe in showcasing artistic and individual diversity, supporting heartfelt causes in and around our community, and working to foster a spirit of togetherness and community. Let’s bite right into the kind of salacious and sweet burlesque treats you can expect from The Candybox Chronicles!

  • Behind-the-Box sneak peeks at what it takes to get allathat glitter & glamour from start to stage. Anything from performance prep and personal show reviews to exclusives on our Sugar Rush VIP burlesque experience!

  • Featured Treats: performer and event spotlights, interviews with individual troupe members as well as our peers in showbusiness, and burlesque community members sharing their stories, inspiration, and experience in the world of burlesque.

  • Burlesque History: highlights that shine a light on iconic burlesque performers, key moments, and the rich, velvet-y history of the art of the tease and its evolution over the years.

  • Candybox Cues covering DIY burlesque costume tutorials, developing specific props, themed shows, and unique acts from the Candybox confections themselves. Not to mention tasty tips for aspiring performers.

  • Thoughtful Morsels exploring the ways in which burlesque intersects with feminism, empowerment, self-expression and the diverse range of performers in our ensemble.

There’s more to explore on our socials (find us on Instagram) and our website, where you can take a peek at our members and their bios, subscribe to our newsletter, and get burlesque show tickets!


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