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Atlanta burlesque show The Candybox Revue burlesque troupe


You can try to look away. You can try to break eye contact. You can try not to react.


You can try.


Troodles is the eclectic mash up of comedy, drama, horror, and sex sitting on top a solid layer of body positivity and self-love. She pulls you into her moment and only releases you when she’s ready. 


She is a member of the Candybox Revue and has performed on stages all over Atlanta including Syrens of the South, Roxie Roz, Fritz Krieg’s productions, Ariel Allegeo’s productions, Glitter Goddess Productions, Sadie Hawkin’s Last Pasties Standing, is a 2017 graduate of the Atlanta School of Burlesque, and produces shows in Atlanta.


She also makes professional burlesque accessories and pasties by commission. 


You can contact her for bookings or commissions: 

Etsy store





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