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Zara Estelle

Atlanta burlesque show The Candybox Revue burlesque troupe

Performer, Producer

Zara Estelle has been gracing the burlesque stage for over a decade. Starting in the dance circuit they quickly fell in love with the world of theater and dance. Using more than 20 years of technical dance training and performing Zara is now a burlesque performer giving the audience a taste of everything. Zara got their start in their hometown of Milwaukee with the Brew City Bombshells. They quickly moved to Chicago to start a burlesque career with Vaudezilla Productions, where they had the opportunity to hone their craft: teaching, rehearsing, and performing. Zara is now part of southern queer Atlanta burlesque where they are Studio Manager at Metropolitan Studios Arts & Movement Community, home to The Atlanta School of Burlesque and The Candybox Revue


This high-energy, high-kicking dance phenom shocks you, some even say are “simply electrifying”. From ballet and tap, to hip hop and jazz, Zara Estelle will bring down the house with sheer dance technique. They also will sing you the blues and make your heart flutter.  From choreography and costuming for the lavish eye; to chair dance, footwork, and twerking for the fun of it.


Graceful as a gazelle, Zara Estelle is not a performer easily forgotten and leaves the audience wondering "what's next?"

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